Eto ORAL questions asked in Chennai MMD, Mumbai MMD, Kochin MMD, and Kolkata MMD
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What is the difference between the sprinkler system and hyper mist system?
What are the different movements of a crane, safeties of crane and the working principle of the brakes?
What is the display showing in ODME?
What is the electrical equipment for the survey?
What is the ELECTRICAL work performed in dry-dock?
What are the equipment from. EMERGENCY generator.
What is the Explosion protection?
What are the fault occurs in the soft starter
What is the feed to SVDR and ODMCS?
What are the fire fixed systems on board?
What is the gas checked in the enclosed space?
What are the gases multi-gas detectors can measure (detect)
What are the lifesaving appliances in the lifeboat?
What are the losses of transforms?
What are the MARPOL Equipment on board?
What are the MSB safeties?
What are the parts of VCB?
What is the procedure for wiring to pass from conduit from aft to forward?
What are the STCW 2010 amendments and drug and alcohol policy what is ℅ level?
What is the steering gear SOLAS regarding electrical only?
What are the things you did onboard?
What are the type of extinguisher and working principle of foam?
What are the types of AC MOTORS?
What ate the electrical safety’s to take while doing welding on deck,
What BLIFF is in fire fighting?
What breaks are in the ER crane? How the speed is controlled when it is lifting n lowering d weight?
What can be done if you don’t have new flame sensor can u use from any other machinery?
What fire protection is there in the lifeboat?
What happens if the bonding wire is not there?
What happens if star-delta continues in star connection?
What happened if you remove the 1 resistor which is connected in series with load?
What happens if kW increases?
What happens to the series current, load current, and Zener current when a DC input voltage of Zener regulator increases?
What if boiler trips just after pilot burner fires
What IP stand for and IP of deck engine and MSB.
What is a "Mains Failure" relay?
What is a heterodyne system in electronics and HF systems?
What is a latching relay?
What is a transistor and how it works?
What is active PCB and passive PCB in the alarm monitoring system?
What is actually happening inside the oil fired boiler? How water is heated?
What is AFRA MAX?
What is an EGB? How water is heated there? What is an efficiency of boiler?
What is Annex-4?
What is Annex5 in MARPOL?
What is ARPA?
What are Automation and control?
What is auxiliary steering?
What is bilge kneel?
What is bonding wire?
What is bonding, hose continuity test?
What is a bow thruster, how it works, why we use it, what are the interlocks
What is the capacitor?
What is cascading?
What is the centre of gravity, centroid, and bouncy point? What happens when the centre of gravity changes.
What is a chain reaction in the fire?
What is clutch gear and where it used in windlass?
What is condenser pot in the boiler?
What is the critical temperature for co2?
What is the dielectric medium?
What is the difference between 440v and 220v earth indication bulbs?
What is the difference between AC and Reefer plant? Differential pressure switch.
What are the disadvantages of co2?
What is doping in semiconductor & what is impurities?
What is the draft?
What are ECR and CMR?
What is the electrical survey, what all equipment will check during this survey?
What are explosion protection and draw diagram for Exi protection?
What is Fail safe and fail set?
What is the form factor?
What is grabbing in a crane?
What is a gyroscope?
What is HV locking?
What is hygroscopic in high voltage?
What is IEC?
What is II 2G Exd T4 mean?
What are ism documents?
What is laminar flow?
What is latching and holding in SCR?
What is the latching relay and where it use?
What are LEL and UEL?
What are list and trim?
What is the load line?
What is MARVS?
What are MCR and NCR?
What is the mean by a compound gauge in the refrigeration system?
What are the modulation, laser, and wavelength means?
What is the muster list and what are the things you will find on it.
What is NC and major NC (exact definition?)
What are NEMA and IEC? Which is followed for shipping?
What is NUC light- purpose?
What are open-loop and closed-loop system?
What is the operational Amplifier?
What is an oscillator?
What is panting?
What is the PCB and its material?
What is the PID controller and where it is used? (Open-loop and close loop system)
What are PLC and its possible faults and troubleshooting?
What is the pneumatic bubbler type-level gauging system?
What is the proportional band?
What is proportional gain with formula?
What is the protocol and list the conventions
What is the PSC regime?
What is pulse width modulation?
What is reference anode?
What is regulation for the main power source in SOLAS?
What is the requirement of engine room crane and trace diagram?
What is resistivity?
What is RMS?
What is the safety of electrical equipment on deck?
What is SART and EPIRB?
What is SCR and its functions, how many pins/legs?
What is shaft earthing? And why it is given, Values and all, maintenance , etc.
What is the short circuit?
What is single phasing, how it happens and what will be the effect of that.
What is slip in windlass? And what load it operates
What is smart transmission in the electronics system?
What is sourcing and sinking?
What is special arrangements in container bellow cargo hold hatches?
What is start fail in the transformer starter and DOL STARTER?
What is STEL?
What is the storage capacity of VDR?
What is TEU?
What is the diff between the refrigerator and air conditioning and what is the diff in making and what makes a difference in the construction or working..?
What is the difference between 440v and 220v earth meter bulb?
What is the difference between a diode and a Zener diode?
What is the difference between ism code and another nom conventional code?
What is the difference between the normal lifeboat and rescue life boat?
What is the difference between the cables glands going outside deck and engine room?
What is the discharge pressure of the hyper mist pump?
What is the firing angle?
What is the fixed fire fighting medium on your ship
What is the formula for the calculation of insulation resistance?
What is the insulation class of steering gear motor?
What is the minimum value for the motor insulation?
What is the mist size in the water mist system?
What is the motor's surveys?
What is the need for High voltage on your ship?
What is the new amendment regarding ORB?
What is the Phase split ring in a Contactor and its purpose?
What is the precaution for high voltage? Why earth resistor is given?
What is the procedure for changing the pressure switch in refrigeration system?
What is the procedure for wiring to pass from the conduit from AFT to forward?
What is the purpose of the OWS long run alarm?
What is the purpose of the shunt field coil?
What is the reason for high voltage?
What is the safeties on fire mainline? Why we need isolation v/v on this line?
What is the SOLAS regulation for insulation?
What is the time delay in the fire detection system?
What is the type of lifeboat on your last vessel?
What is the units of insulation?
What is the use of the DC Isolation Amplifier?
What is the use of PT100 in the generator?
What is the value for the over-speed trip in M/E and aux engine?
What is three-wire RTD?
What is the torsion box?
What is TXV and value of TXV for all the gas used for gas measuring gases?
What is the use of a timer in F. O Starter?
What is the valve of form factor, what will happen if it reduces to 0.99?
What is the VDR circuit?
What is viscotherm and draw its controller band diagram.
What is the volume of co2 for 1kg?
What is a wet chemical in the galley?
What is the work permit system on-board? What is the maximum duration of work permit? What things senior officers should consider before giving a work permit?
What is your action in case of emergency?
What kind of bulb is a navigational bulb?
What kind of motor used for Antenna drive.
What maintenance is carried out in a transformer?
What preparations will you do as ETO for the annual electrical survey?
What protection of motor we use in the engine room?
What protection of motor we use on the deck
What r the disadvantages of fuse? I know there is a chance of single phasing...other than that anything else
What r the general arrangements on board of electronic systems in case of bilge and ballast discharges.
What safeties are there on the Co2 system? Why there is the timer? What happens if d main v/v is not opened after d time delay?
What safety precaution u will take when welding job was done on deck?
What safety procedure u will you follow when u work on motors on tanker deck?
What should be the location of SCBA and fire fighting suits on board?
What should be the value of NER?
What should be the voltage between the comparator circuit and sensing?? In AVR
What type of cable is on deck and what is the insulation class of deck cables in bulk carrier
What type of cables are used on-board?
What type of class B extinguisher. And the weight of extinguisher, how to made Foam?
What type of mask do you use in chemical tankers?
What type of material is used in deck lights for water ingress?
What type of transforms are used on your vessel?
What we need to do to get an IOPP certificate for alarm testing of MARPOL equipment?
What will be your action during Purifier room fire by assuming you are alone there?
What will be your action in MSB fire?
What will happen if Class F insulation temperature is increased 10 degree more than rated?
What will happen if LT pressure of DG falls below rated 2.3bar? Consequences?
What will happen if there is no safety present for single phasing in 3 phase motors? What will happen to motors?
What will happen if we increase and decrease the frequency of the motor but the Voltage is constant?
What will happen when the wrong way alarm comes?
What will you do if o2 showing 10%?
What would u do in case of one generator start taking less load?
What you control in the boiler?
What you know about the stability of the ship?
What you will prepare for an electrical survey on-board?
What's the BWM SOLAS convention, what's does it prevent and when adopted?
What's dead weight, deadweight of lifeboats and related SOLAS conventions?
What's VDR function and uses onboard?
When purifier motor starts it draws heavy current, why it doesn't trip?
When you give command rudder is not respond, causes?
When you sign your Contract then what regulation comes under Contract?
Where is the opening of the co2 fan in the co2 room at the top or at the bottom?
Where is the portable extinguisher placed in the engine room?
Where is the synchronous motor used on-board?
Where is thermostat used on-board?
Where is thermostat used on-board?
Where u use a differential pressure transmitter
Where we are using PLC.
Which alarms are trips are present in air compressor (main air compressor)
Which all ships don’t follow SOLAS
Which chapter in SOLAS regarding cables
Which equipment is giving current flow to the hull?
Which has a higher value what is the work of Zener what is the work of resistors why voltage drops?
Which is a better way of insulation testing from ECR or directly at motor terminal?
Which is more power consuming chilled or frozen and why?
Which liquid is used in TXV?
Which reefer will take more power chill or frozen?
Which supply is given to the BNWAS alarm system?
Which type of fire extinguisher should be used when the fire occurs in MSB?
While taking insulation resistance why we apply dc voltage? Why not ac?
Who issue DMLC 1 & DMLC 2?
Who will give you isolation permit?
Why aluminum disk used in reverse power relay?
Why Co2 gas for fire extinguish and what principle Co2 works?
Why collision bulkhead for EG? Why not another place.
Why do we have hydrophore? Why not direct pump
Why do we use the earthed neutral system in H.V.?
Why the expansion valve is required in the refrigeration system?
Why GMDSS battery is 24V and else is 12 V?
Why heating coil in SF6 circuit breaker?
Why is your ship have high voltage?
Why oil-cooled transformer is not used on-board?
Why oil differential protection system fitted on refer compressor? 
Why relief valve setting is lower than the safety valve in the boiler?
Why single phase motors are not self-start? How we can make self-start. Why the capacitor start. What does it doing?
Why some motors on the ship are connected as star some as delta?
Why star connected in autotransformer?
Why the sample pipes for oil mist, are fitted on top?
Why two nozzles use in the co2 system?
Why VCB in High Voltage?
Why voltage charging?
Why we are having is a differential pressure switch in Ac?
Why we are using 3 phase? Why we are not using the 2 phases or 4 phases?
Why we don't measure CO2 gas
Why we measure DAR?
Why we measure PI
Why we need to maintain air pressure in Hydrophore? How we do that?
Why we use a valve and a damper arrangement in a pneumatic system
Why we use dc in welding and we rectify dc through transformer but why, not direct dc has been used?
Why we use a recovery bottle in the refrigerator system.
Why we use star connection first in the delta starter?
Why we use starter n DOL auto transformer and star-delta?
Why we use a static discharge plate how it looks like and where it is fitted?
Why we use Zener diode in the comparator circuit of AVR?
WIDAS and what to be done of there is a load that has a moisture content
WIDAS and working.
Windlass operation and safeties
With what code PSC will detain a ship?
Work of ETO for OWS maintenance
Working in FWD, and if there is the fire at Midship, what will you do?
Working of heat detector sensor and diagram
Working of High Voltage line tester
Working of hydrophore in short.
Working of Piezoelectric sensor
Working of rocket parachute?
Working of rpm pick up sensor
Working principle and block diagram of radar, the function of each component
Working principle of DP transducer in the boiler
Working principle of the radar in that working of duplexer and magnetron
You are charging a dead battery, how you will charge it?
You are shifting piston with engine room overhead crane and blackout happen. It will hold the load or not and how?
You are walking in the engine room, you see smoke coming from the motor, what action you take?
You have a survey coming in a few days. What things you will do and keep records.
You have received a motor whose terminals are unknown, how will you find it out, draw and explain
Zener barrier circuit and explanation.
Zener current and series current increases but load current remain unchanged
Zener diode application on the ship.

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